What to Expect

Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first visit to our office - we will have paperwork for you to fill out.  Alternatively, you may fill out the pre-registration paperwork found on our website here.

If you have copies of previous records or test results from another veterinary clinic, please bring these with you, or you may call ahead to have your previous clinic forward the records to us.  This way, we will be sure that we have the most up-to-date information on your animals previous history and current needs. 

Please make a list of any medications or supplements your animal takes, and the name of the food that you are feeding.  Many times we as about these items in the exam room and the names slip your mind.  Writing these down beforehand can be helpful for you so that you are prepared when we ask you about them. 

We often use a variety of food treats in our office to help make friends with our patients.  Peanut butter is a common treat that we use.  If you or someone in your family has a peanut allergy, PLEASE let the staff know when you arrive, and we will make a note on your pets' chart to avoid peanut butter while your pet is at the office!  If your pet gets carsick, also let us know - we may need to use frozen treats (to minimize the amount they eat), medications for carsickness, or toys instead of treats for your particular pet. 

Our staff works very hard to minimize stress on our patients during appointments.  This may mean treats and toys, extended appointments to let your pet warm up to us, limited handling, changing rooms/scenery during the appointment, anxiety/nausea reducing medications, or sedation.  We do our very best to keep everyone safe and keep the animals from feeling threatened/cornered/scared enough to bite. Please do not be offended if we decide not to push your pet and ask you to come back on a fresh day (possibly with anxiety reducers beforehand) to finish an appointment if we determine that your pet has become too afraid to continue the procedure.  We may recommend that your pet come for "Happy Visits" to help them learn to trust us more before re-attempting a non-urgent procedure.  In some cases, we may recommend sedation in the future to eliminate the fear factor for your pet and allow us to make their visit as stress free as possible.

We try to do as much of our visits and procedures as we can with family present in the room (examinations, blood draws, vaccines, nail trims, etc) because we feel that for most pets (and families) this is the least stressful option.  Occasionally, pets are more anxious when the family is in the room (because they are worried about/attempting to protect their family) - in these cases, we may ask the family to step into the lobby or take advantage of curbside visits.  We gauge the pets' body language as a guide to let us know what works best for them.

Mental health is important in pets too, and we know that one bad experience at a vet clinic can change a pets' behavior for life.  Gaining the trust of our patients is vital to making sure we can help them when they need it the most.  



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