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We've provided links to helpful information for the care and treatment of your horse, dog, or cat. Need help finding a resource? Please contact us.


Farriers in Our Service Area (PDF)

Find a Farrier (


Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (

American Association of Equine Practitioners (

American Quarter Horse Association (

Arabian Horse Association (

National Reining Horse Association (

United States Equestrian Federation (

Ohio 4-H (

Horse Transport and Euthanasia Aftercare Options

              Local transport and Aftercare

Equine Referral Hospitals

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine Equine Hospital
601 Vernon Tharpe Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43210 - (614) 292-6661

Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital
2150 Georgetown Rd., Lexington, KY 40511 - (859) 233-0371

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute
4250 Iron Works Pk., Lexington, Kentucky 40511 - (859) 255-8741

 Dog/Cat Referral Hospitals

           MedVet Dayton
           2714 Springboro Road West, Moraine, Ohio 45439 - (937)  293-2714  

           Care Center Dayton  
          6405 Clyo Road, Centerville, OH 45459,  (937) 428-0911

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Hospital
601 Vernon Tharpe Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43210 - (614) 292-3551

 Veterinary Medical Information on the Web

Veterinary Partner (

ASPCA Veterinary Poison Control (   Phone consultation fee (fee may be waived if your pet has a microchip registered with HomeAgain) -      1-(888) 426-4435

Pet Poison Hotline ( Phone consultation fee applicable             1- (855) 764-7661

Dog/Cat Nutrition and Weight Management - (

Equine Nutrition (

Heartworm (

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