****************UPDATE 12-30-2020****************************


Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate these topsy turvy times.

Until further notice, we are continuing curbside care. Our exam rooms are not large enough to accommodate social distancing, and the extra disinfecting needed in between appointments would severely limit the number of patients we can see during a day. Plus, it keeps exposure down between clients and our staff – we want everyone to stay as healthy as possible and we are doing everything we can to avoid having to shut down again – we want to be there for you when you need us.
Dog/Cat Appointment Schedule
Monday 8a-7p
Tuesday 8a-5p
Wednesday 8a-7p
Thursday 8a-5p Friday 8a-5p

Please call from your car when you arrive at the office, and one of the nurses will be out to retrieve your animal for their exam/procedures, and will return them when finished with an update on the status of the visit. Clients will be allowed in the building only for end-of-life care for pets.

Happy visits - free visits for puppies to acclimate nervous youngsters must take place during a specific stage of their brain development to be most effective, so we feel these are important to continue, especially now when taking your puppy out to socialize in public isn’t really an option. Please call us to learn more about this great free service!

For those of you wondering what it's like for your pets to visit the vet without you...We know it's tough for you to have to hand them over and not be with them, even if it's just for yearly shots, and especially if they're not feeling well. Those of you who have been to us before know that we are dedicated to keeping pets with their families through as much of their visits and procedures as possible, so this has been a big adjustment for everyone.  We are doing the best we can to keep serving your animals. We continue to make visits as low stress as possible with food and toys and breaks if they're getting too nervous, just as we always do. We will update our facebook album with photos and videos of your critters as we go!


Horse Appointment Schedule:
Monday 8a-7p
Wednesday 8a-7p
Thursday 12p-5p

****We request a single handler, non-ill handler from a healthy household. This applies to both boarding barns and backyard barns – no kids in the barn just because they are home from school. Please plan to wear a mask during your appointment. ****

Routine visits and procedures for horses are available during the above listed hours, Monday and Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons. Illness and Injury farm calls are available Monday-Friday, and on an emergency basis outside of hours, as always.

IF YOU ARE ILL, live with someone who is ill, or have traveled in the last 2 weeks, PLEASE DO NOT come to the office and consider the following alternatives:
1) If your dog or cat is sick or injured, we are more than happy to see your dog or cat as a drop off appointment, or we may be able to do phone consultations for minor illnesses & injuries.
2) If your horse is sick or injured, please arrange for a non-ill friend or family member (preferably one you don't live with) to meet us at the barn. As above, we may be able to do phone consultations for minor injuries and illnesses.


If you need medication or food refills (whether sick or not), PLEASE plan to prepay over the phone if you are able and when you come to pick up the meds, call us from the parking lot - someone will run the medication out to your car. If you ARE sick, please try to send someone who is not sick to pick up the meds. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to refill medication or food through our online pharmacy and have them shipped to your door (unfortunately, there are a few meds that cannot be ordered online due to state regulations, and those will still have to be filled through our clinic).

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Thanks from Dennis and the Staff and Vets of Prices Creek!

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