*****UPDATE 4/6/20*****

**According to Gov. Dewine's new policy "Stay Home Ohio," veterinarians are considered essential services, and as such, we will remain open, but with the following changes:

We are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday with regular hours.  For now, we will be closed on Thursdays. As always, veterinarian is on call to speak with you even when we are closed. 


1) “Curbside” service for ALL small animal patients.  Please call from your car when you arrive at the office, and one of the nurses will be out to retrieve your animal for their exam/procedures, and will return them when finished with an update on the status of the visit.  Clients will be allowed in the building only for end-of-life care for pets.

2) No routine/annual small animal visits will be scheduled, likely until May.  If your pet will run out of X medication (heartworm prevention/flea&tick prevention, chronic medications, food) and they are due for an annual visit in the next 3 months, please call – we will extend these prescriptions until your appointment can be scheduled.  Rabies vaccines (for cats and dogs) and Leptospirosis vaccines for dogs are considered essential because these diseases are contagious to humans. If your adult dog or cat is not due for one of these vaccines, please plan to schedule your yearly appointment in May or later (the other vaccines your pet is due for will continue to protect them until we can get them in). If your adult pet is due for RABIES (dog or cat) or LEPTOSPIROSIS (dog), please call us.

3)  Puppy/kitten vaccine boosters and happy visits will continue to be scheduled.  Booster series vaccines for puppies and kittens are ESSENTIAL to prevent life threatening diseases in these youngsters.  Happy visits for puppies to acclimate nervous youngsters must take place during a specific stage of their brain development to be most effective, so we feel these are important to continue.

4) Illness and Injury visits for dogs and cats will continue to be available on an acute basis during regular business hours.  For minor illness/injuries, we may be able to do phone consultations.

5) Elective surgeries and procedures requiring anesthesia (spay, neuter, teeth cleaning, etc.) will not be scheduled before May at the earliest.  We have been asked by the Ohio Dept. of Health and the Governor to help keep surgical supplies available for human hospitals by canceling elective surgeries in our offices.  Basically, we all use the same supplies for surgeries, and if we decrease our surgery load, there are more supplies available for the human hospitals to purchase.  Surgeries needed acutely (on a case-by-case basis) or on an emergency basis are still able to be performed – if you have questions about what qualifies as an elective vs acute surgery, please call!

1) Vaccine visits for horses are available on a limited basis currently. We agree that spring vaccines for mosquito-carried diseases are essential, but at this time, we are the governor's orders to limit contact with clients to help flatten the curve.  ONE handler only in the barn for vaccines, and appointments are only available on Mondays and Wednesdays.

2) No floats or routine surgeries (ex: geldings)will be scheduled, likely until May or later.

3) Boarding barns: please arrange for the barn owner or a single designated handler for all horses in the barn.  To minimize the contact that our staff has (again, so we can continue to serve you), we need a single, non-ill handler from a healthy household.  This single-handler rule applies to backyard barns as well (no groups of kids in the barn just because they’re home from school, please!).   

4) Illness and Injury farm calls will continue to be available, although they are also subject to the single handler rule (no crowds of people to stand around and watch us sew up your horse’s cut please!).

IF YOU ARE ILL, live with someone who is ill, or have traveled in the last 2 weeks, PLEASE DO NOT come to the office and consider the following alternatives:

1) If your dog or cat is sick or injured, we are more than happy to see your dog or cat as a drop off appointment, or we may be able to do phone consultations for minor illnesses & injuries.

2) If your horse is sick or injured, please arrange for a non-ill friend or family member (preferably one you don't live with) to meet us at the barn. As above, we may be able to do phone consultations for minor injuries and illnesses.

If you need medication or food refills (whether sick or not), PLEASE plan to prepay over the phone if you are able and when you come to pick up the meds, call us from the parking lot - someone will run the medication out to your car.  If you ARE sick, please try to send someone who is not sick to pick up the meds.

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to refill medication or food through our online pharmacies and have them shipped to your door (unfortunately, there are a few meds that cannot be ordered online due to state regulations, and those will still have to be filled through our clinic).

If you're looking for dog/cat items, check out https://pricescreekvet.myvetst...

If you're looking for horse items, check out https://pricescreekvet.myequin...

Thanks from Dennis and the Staff and Vets of Prices Creek!

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