*************Update 7/7/21**********************

Reopening guidelines are finally here! We appreciate all of your patience for the last 15 months, and continue to appreciate your patience going forward.

1) You now have the option to come in with your pet if desired (although you certainly don't have to - if you prefer curbside, or if your pet is one that does better without you in the room, curbside is definitely still available!).

2) The lobby is closed, so you will need to wait in your car until your exam room is available. We will come get you when it is your turn!

3) You can now check in at the window on the west side of the building, as noted in the photo below. There are also signs indicating this on the building. No more need to call!

3a) Please do let the staff know which parking spot you are in when you check in - that way we know where to find you when it is your turn!

4) Currently we have a limit of 2 family members in an exam room at a time. Remember, our exam rooms are tiny! Exceptions can be made for end-of-life care.

4b) Our exam rooms are tiny (yes, we've said it twice) :) In an effort to keep everyone from being right on top of each other breathing in each other's faces, please plan to sit back and relax while the veterinary nursing staff does the heavy lifting (i.e., holding/restraining your furkids for their procedures).

5) Masks are not required, but are recommended if you are not vaccinated for Covid. If you prefer for us to wear a mask in the room with you, please let the staff know at check in.

6) Nurse-only appointments, weight checks, nail trims, surgery drop off and discharge, and anal gland expression visits remain curbside - keeping these appointments curbside means you don't have to wait for an exam room to come open for your quick visit!

7) Food and Medication Refills will also remain curbside - you can pick up your items at the window, and the staff will check you out right there. Alternatively, you still have the option to order chronic food and meds on our ship-to-home pharmacy:  (unfortunately, there are a few meds that cannot be ordered online due to state regulations, and those will still have to be filled through our clinic).

****Please be extremely careful when entering and exiting our parking lot off route 40. In the past year, we have seen 2 serious accidents here and we have lost count as to how many people have backed into our power pole. The visibility coming over the hill on 40 is poor - DO NOT try to back into the road. Please be safe!!****

Thanks from Dennis and the Staff and Vets of Prices Creek!

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